About Us

The SCPU School of Engineers is committed to providing education and formation of the highest quality for professionals working inmanufacturing and engineering specialisations. To ensure the professional relevancy of its programs, each program is taught in conjunction with an industry based professional body that specialises in the relevant program major. The degrees are all of a practical nature, fulfilling the educational requirements of leading industry based professional organisations.


In 2008 SCPU was registered in the Swiss Canton of Vaud (Reg No CHE-114.105.060 Fr No.CH-550-1.053.661-3)

It was established as a private unversity to work with a range of industry based professional qualification awarding bodies and developed programs to fulfill their membership requirements. Most of the initial programs were in the general business management field.

In time there was a demand for religious degrees. The Canton of Vaud where the school is located being one of the neighbouring canton of Geneva, one of the starting points of protestant christianity.

At Ecole de Theologie SCPU students undertake a systematic study of biblical and Christian traditions, consider what these traditions teach us with respect to the world we live in, and look at how such lessons form a basis for seeking meaning in life, in worldly existence, and in history.

The management of SCPU decided to split the intstitution into two schools. Ecole de Commerce SCPU and Ecole de Theologie SCPU.

In 2018 it started offerring Engineering programs. These did not fit into the Ecole de Commerce SCPU and Ecole de Theologie SCPU fields. As a result Ecole de Ingenieurs SCPU (SCPU School of Engineers) was established to teach and administer these programs.


As a school, our vision and goal for the community is that the learning and training experience be academically challenging, practically oriented, professionally relevant and educationally engaging.

Our desire is to help students develop: a broad understanding of good management and leadership principles, economic and financial literatecy, be globally aware, euntrepreneurally minded, and morally grounded future leaders.


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